Phosphorous Acid


Name: Phosphorous Acid

Molecular Formula: H3PO3

Molecular Weight: 82.00

Property: White crystal.

Application: Mainly used in phosphite, synthetic fiber, organophosphorous pesticide etc, also used in producing high Efficient water disposal agent ATMP.

Storage: Should be stored in cool and dry place. To be pertected from moist, solarization, heat and rain, Forbidden stockpiled with the basic oxide.




Assy(min) 99% 98.5%
Cl(max) 0.01% 0.01%
Fe(max) 0.002% 0.005%
PO4(max) 0.2% 0.8%
SO4(max) 0.008% 0.008%
Packing 25kg or 1000kg net in woven plastic bag with inner double plastic bags or packed as specified by the client.



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