Ammonium ZR Carbonate


Name: Ammonium ZR Carbonate

Molecular Formula: (NH4)2ZrO(CO3)2XH2O

Property: Prism figure crystal, no stabilization and release CO2 and NH3 slowly in air, easily dissolved in water, dilutes acid and alkali and decompound. Relative density is 1.238.

Application: Used as additive in paper and textile industry, cross-link of colophony polymer.

Storage: To be prevented from solarization. It should be airproof and stored in cool and dry place.





ZrO2+HfO2 16-20%
SiO2(max) 0.01%
Fe2O3(max) 0.002%
NaO2(max) 0.01%
TiO2(max) 0.002%
PH 9-9.5
Packing 250kg net in plastic drum.




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