Product name Property
Zirconium Oxychloride Intermediates for the other zirconium products, as additive for rubber and as drying agent of paint, etc.
Zirconium Dioxide Additive of special glass, enamel, fire-resistant materials electromagnetic materials, grind materials and ferrite, cata-lyzer of petro-leum cracking.
Zirconium Basic Carbonate White crystal powder, undissolved in water and alkali, easily dissolved in acid. Decompose in air at normal temperature, decomposed by heat, decomposing speed will quicken when the temperature is going up. At last, it will be decomposed and transformed into zirconium dioxide.
Zirconium Sulphate Slight yellow or colourless solid powder. Easily dissolved in water, its aqueous solution is acidity. PH is identical with vitri-olic solution of the same molarity. Slowly lose water of crystal by heat, zirconium dioxide is formed at high temperature.
Zirconium Basic Sulphate White solid powder, undissolved in water, dissolved in thick acid by heat.
Zirconium Acetate Colourless clarity solution, vinegar-acid smell, solution unfolds acid, rots the general metals, easily volatilize.
Ammonium ZR Carbonate Prism figure crystal, no stabilization and release CO2 and NH3 slowly in air, easily dissolved in water, dilutes acid and alkali and decompound. Relative density is 1.238.
Dimethyl Phosphite Colourless clarity solution, dissolved in water, easily dissolved in many organic impregnants, such as Ketone, Benzene, Toluen, etc.
Phosphorous Acid Mainly used in phosphite, synthetic fiber, organophosphorous pesticide etc, also used in producing high Efficient water disposal agent ATMP.


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